Thursday, 7 July 2016

3 Ways With Fairy Lights.

[Pic: from Pinterest]  
If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have a slight obsession with fairy lights! I love them! I think they're up there with candle light as one of the cheapest ways of creating a magical and inviting space. And they're totally not just for Christmas any more (I made up that rule!) Wrap them around trees, run them along shelves, hang them from the ceiling - they never fail to create a lovely, cosy atmosphere. Here are three different ways I've used fairy lights lately.

1. On an Indoor Tree.

Indoor trees, or just a branch, are great space fillers in the home I think. They add height and texture and they don't need watering! I think it's best to wrap fairy lights round and around the trunk and branches, rather than just draping them. The secret to a cosy look is always to use warm white  - not bright white. With the tree in this picture, I used warm white fairy lights on a clear plastic cable or you can also use the new metal wired ones - they bend around things nicely but are trickier to take off I've learnt (the hard way!) and both sell a good selection and provide a quick and reliable service.

2. Around a Mirror.

Draped simply around a mirror, so cheap and easy - what's not to love? These are a set of 100 warm white, mains powered, copper wired fairy lights from and they were about £13. 

3. Made into a Cloud Shape.
I was super-inspired by an image on Pinterest I found recently of a cloud made of fairy lights. So I thought I'd have a go myself! Here's how I did it:
1. Buy a set of 40 wire battery lights (warm white, don't forget!). I've found them on for as little as £2.95!
2. Buy a packet of clear plastic decorating clips from any DIY store.
They are about £3.99 for 20. These are brilliant little hooks as they're virtually invisible when they're in situ, stick really well but can easily be removed without taking the paint off the wall. This scores me massive brownie points with OH!
3. Find a clear wall and decide where you want your cloud to be - above the bed or in a child's room are ideal locations.
4. Stick your first hook on the wall at the bottom of where your cloud will be. Leave a length of wire dangling down to the floor (see main cloud picture) and then wrap the wire twice around the hook.

5. Gently curve your wire into a cloud shape and place a hook in between the curves. I really want to say 'puffs' at this point but it sounds ridiculous.Oh - too late! Wrap the wire twice around each hook before moving onto your next 'puff' or curve.

6. Faff about a bit with the shape until you're happy with it. You can remove and reposition the hooks as you go along.

So - there you go - fairy lights are for life, not just for Christmas!

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